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Fresh logo for Ignition CX

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Ignition CX is proud to unveil our logo and brand identity. This marks a significant milestone in Ignition Group’s journey, emphasising our commitment to revolutionising customer experiences.
Ignition CX Logo

For over 20 years, the Customer Experience operations have been run under the Ignition Group banner and are renowned for market leading solutions and expertise.

While the Ignition CX logo has a fresh look, it stands for everything that Ignition is respected for – being the global leader in high performance customer acquisition and customer experience management. This is underpinned with long-lasting partnerships, technological innovations and a full suite of CX services for multiple industries, all managed with personal attention from our committed team.

This coincides with another major Ignition CX milestone – the launch of our first US-based team of customer service experts. Based in 8 states on mainland America, this fully remote team is able to provide our CX services from within the USA to partners that need it, and uniquely positions the business as able to provide both Onshore and Offshore solutions through one provider. This is the first time that a South African-owned CX business has launched a US-based onshore operation and is a source of great pride.

Since it was founded in 2002, Ignition Group has grown substantially, and now includes a number of business units in its ecosystem, from banking and financial services to marketplaces, mobile service providers and value-add products, in addition to its Customer Experience operations.