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Capabilities lead vetting

Lead Vetting

We pride ourselves on reaching the right customer at the right time, and we are able to do that thanks to our proprietary lead vetting process. By analysing your data to understand customers, we can ensure a more efficient and personalised customer journey and turn them into engaged, satisfied customers.
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Capabilities product fulfilment

Product Fulfilment

An integral part of delivering a world-class Customer Experience is the efficiency and reliability of our product fulfilment process. Our commitment to ensuring timely and accurate delivery of products is fundamental to our delivery of unparalleled service. We utilise advanced logistics and supply chain management technologies to streamline our fulfilment processes, from order management to inventory control and shipping.
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capabilities platforms and integration

Platforms and Integration

At its core, Ignition CX is an advanced technologies company that has developed powerful software platforms to integrate into every aspect of our CX operations. Leveraging the power of machine learning, our AI products can assist with everything from customer engagement to sales, facilitating payments and collections.
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Capabilities smart dialling

Smart Dialling

Ignition CX uses advanced systems including AI and machine learning to automate and optimise outbound calls. This allows us to engage with your customers in the most effective way possible, at the right time and with the most relevant information, enhancing efficiency and personalisation and ultimately improving the overall customer experience.
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Capabilities data analytics and reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data is invaluable, but only if it can be used effectively. Our powerful cutting-edge systems allow us to dive into your data for valuable insight, and through deep analysis we can identify trends, preferences and pain points, which informs strategic decision-making that leads to improved services, more personalised experiences, and higher customer satisfaction.
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capabilities propensity modeling

Propensity Modelling

Our data analysts make use of statistical and machine learning to create propensity models that allow us to make informed, accurate predictions of customer behaviour such as buying decisions, timing or the likelihood of churn. By understanding these propensities, we are able to tailor strategies, interactions and campaigns to meet individual customer needs, increasing retention and revenue.
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Capabilities Machine Learning

Machine Learning

One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal, our advanced machine learning capabilities enable automated, data-driven insights and actions that can be quickly scaled and customised. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, we can predict customer behaviours and so develop strategic campaigns for our clients that are more efficient, tailored and responsive, ultimately fostering customer longevity and growth.
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Capabilities bespoke software development

Bespoke Software Development

Ignition realises that each industry we work in and every brand we partner with has highly unique needs, just as every customer is unique. Ignition is able to create customised software solutions to solve challenges with payment, billing, engagement and more, reducing financial and time costs and increasing profits.
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Capabilities Omnichannel consulting

Omnichannel Consulting

Customers have different communication needs at different stages of the engagement journey, and our omnichannel approach gives us the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple customer communication channels into any campaign. Channels are identified through assessing technology, processes and customer journey mapping to ensure a unified and consistent experience across all touchpoints.
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Capabilities billing collections and financial services

Billing Collections and Financial Services

Let Ignition take care of every aspect of billings and collections with our automated, intelligent solutions. From subscription management to invoicing, automated reconciliation and alternative payment options, our AI payment product can streamline the process for lower costs and improved ROI.
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Capabilities data analytics and business intelligence

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Ignition takes data analytics so seriously that we established our own data analytics academy. Our in-demand graduates are integrated into Ignition’s business intelligence solutions that gather, process and present data in a format that aids our partners in understanding trends, performance and opportunities within their industry and organisation.
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Capabilities quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a vital aspect of everything Ignition CX does, which is why we always exceed industry standards. Our outstanding QA process gives insight into patterns, drives upskilling through feedback, improves the customer experience, ensures that compliance is never compromised and maintains the levels of respect and professionalism that Ignitioners are known for.
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