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It also runs in-house programmes such as the Activate Programme, which has been developed to upskill new hires with no industry-specific experience so that they can get employed and then gain the experience that they need to further their careers.

From that broad skills base, graduates of the Activate Programme are moved onto training for specific roles within the company. It doesn’t end there, though, and the Learning and Development Department have an established career development pathway for employees to be guided along. This includes leadership development programmes, subject matter expert programmes and more.

If an Ignition employee identifies an area in the business that they would enjoy working in, we try to make that happen through study assistance and internal placement.

The L&D Department also identifies high potential employees within Ignition and facilitates continuous professional development in their field, through further studies, conferences and peer-to-peer training.

Ignition believes in realising the potential of individuals, of giving opportunities and providing employees with the skills and development they need for a fulfilling professional and personal life. To achieve this, Ignition has brought together a team of learning and development experts who have created a learning programme unsurpassed in the CX industry.

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The Ignite Training Academy.

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The Ignite Training Academy is a holistic training facility that focuses on the personal and professional development of employees to enable them to grow a successful and rewarding career in the CX space, with a particular focus on career growth and robust succession plans. Our highly skilled training experts are tasked with identifying potential, both externally and within the business, and ensuring that this potential is realised.

In Ignite, Ignition CX has created a fully accredited in-house training facility that is recognised by the South African National Department of Education. Graduates of certain Ignite courses receive National Qualifications in their fields, such as Contact Centre Support and Generic Management, earning credits that can contribute towards further higher education.

The Ignition CX Learning
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At Ignition CX, we believe that learning should never end. To ensure this, our Learning and Development department has established an L&D pathway that focuses on identifying employees with management potential, and then helping them to realise that potential through structured, highly focused learning modules.