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Our contact centre experts excel in delivering engaging and valuable interactions, ensuring optimal call durations for efficient support and sales.

Starting from humble beginnings in 2002, we now have over 4000 full-time employees, with contact centres in Durban, Cape Town and the United States. Support staff are based across the globe in South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

With a skilled English-speaking workforce, competitive labour costs and robust infrastructure, South Africa offers exceptional value for the best in Global Business Services. Its favourable time zone allows for real-time support to clients in various regions, and a combination of resilience and political and climatic stability ensure dependable, uninterrupted service. To cater for clients who require on-shore presence we also have teams of CX experts based in the USA.

Our Locations

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Contact Locations Map Ignition CX
Contact Centres locations Umhlanga

Umhlanga, Durban

Based in our Umhlanga headquarters, this is our flagship contact centre and services local and international clients around the clock, every day of the year.
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Contact Centres locations Cape Town

Cape Town

This is our newest contact centre and is based in an ultra-modern facility. It was opened to service increasing demand from our international partners and has created hundreds of jobs in communities where we previously did not have a presence.
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Contact Centres locations Johannesburg


Based in the economic powerhouse of South Africa, our Johannesburg contact centre is focused on partners in the financial and insurance sectors and is staffed with highly specialised staff.
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Contact Centres locations United States of America

United States of America

Ignition has over 130 American contact centre experts based in America to provide on-shore services. This number is quickly scalable to service demand.
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“At the heart of business are people, experts in their fields who are driven by the success of our clients and their brands.”
Ignition CX

South Africa & Beyond

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Some of our clients specifically require on-shore contact centre services. To ensure that we are able to satisfy these needs in a seamless, holistic way, we have established USA-based teams of CX experts. The majority of our contact centres are based in the three major cities of South Africa, offering world class service at unbeatable value.

Why South Africa is the Ideal Customer Experience Destination

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In the global landscape of CX outsourcing, South Africa has emerged as a standout destination. This vibrant nation combines the perfect blend of resources, infrastructure and cultural compatibility, making it an excellent choice for organisations seeking cost-effective top-tier Global Business Services (GBS) outsourcing solutions.

“South Africa combines resources, infrastructure and cultural compatibility, establishing itself as a prime destination for GBS outsourcing.”

On-shore, off-shore, one partner

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We’re a compact powerhouse: we deliver big-company service but haven’t lost the personal touch. 

With Ignition CX, you can have one partner for all your CX needs, be they US-based, off-shore or a hybrid model.  


Ignition CX is the only South African-owned CX provider that can offer US-based services to complement its SA-based core offering. This means that we can leverage the extensive value and service excellence benefits of a South African-based CX provider with the specific benefits of a US-based team.  


We’re your one-stop CX solution. 


Outsourcing for the first time?

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Ignition CX’s one-stop solution is uniquely positioned to provide a seamless transition for companies looking to outsource for the first time, as well as enterprises that are looking to move a portion or the entirety of their customer service operations off-shore. Ignition CX is also able to meet regulated business requirements for US-based services for government, banking, finance and insurance partners.

Moving offshore?

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We are also the perfect company for any business with a non-South African off-shore partner but who would like to take advantage of the unique proposition that South Africa offers as a CX geography, both in terms of value and quality. We facilitate a seamless transition from on-shore to off-shore for those who require the efficiency of one partner. 

Remote operations attract skilled and specialised workers, and are also more cost-effective than brick and mortar contact centres. Our fully remote model allows us to scale up very quickly and with no physical limitations. We have remote agents in 8 US states who work flexible hours (24/7/365).

Disaster Recovery
and Business Continuity

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Ignition CX has a number of geographically diverse sites in South Africa, which all but eliminates the possibility of multiple operations being shut down by a natural disaster. However, the establishment of a US-based operation further reduces this possibility, strengthened by the fact that our on-shore CX experts work remotely from a number of locations.