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Ignition CX
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Personalised Sales Strategies That Boost Your Revenue.

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We specialise in developing sales strategies that have a direct impact on your bottom line, which our skilled sales experts put into practise to expand your customer base and ensure positive interactions that maximise your brand value.
Sales Acquisition and support pre-sales engagement

Pre-Sales Engagement

The customer journey starts well before the first purchase. We use predictive analytics and market insight to understand customer needs and preferences, allowing us to create highly targeted marketing strategies.
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Sales Acquisition and support customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Our data-driven approach enables us to identify prospective customers and create tailored sales strategies. We integrate data analytics, technology and skilled sales expertise to ensure an efficient and effective sales process.
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Sales Acquisition and support brand sales

Brand and Non-Brand Sales

We are able to maximise the effectiveness and usability of your customer data, engaging with your customers to increase client retention as well as improve client engagement and satisfaction, leading to more Brand Sales.

For Non-Brand Sales, our digital marketplaces enable us to drive demand for your products and services. Using our unique skills and capabilities, we can get new customers for your brand, generate additional sales and drive additional revenue.
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Sales Acquisition and support integrated partnership

An Integrated Partnership

We take a multifaceted approach to customer experience, integrating data intelligence, innovative technology, digital assets and human expertise. The customer acquisition component of our service has been structured to reinforce your sales strategy and expedite your business growth.
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Sales Acquisition and support data driven approach

Data-Driven Approach

Our strategy is built upon the foundation of data analytics. By identifying key trends and behaviours in your target market, we design customised sales strategies. This data-driven approach gives you an in-depth understanding of your customer base, enabling informed decision-making that enhances customer acquisition. Our technology is able to guarantee data authenticity – we are able to realise the value of data by cleaning it and reconfiguring it, and then converting this data into actionable insight into the buying journeys of your customers.
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Sales Acquisition and support technological innovation

Technological Innovation

We utilise advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Automation to streamline sales processes. Our proprietary CX platform provides a unified view of customer interactions across multiple channels, enabling effective communication strategies, while our use of predictive modelling sharpens forecasting and keeps you prepared for evolving market trends.
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Sales Acquisition and support digital asset management

Digital Asset Management

We recognise the importance of an impactful online presence and therefore create and manage digital assets that engage your audience. From websites to mobile applications, we aim to optimise your online visibility and lead generation. Our comprehensive approach also includes leveraging social media and content marketing to ensure a robust online presence.
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Sales Acquisition and support skilled sales experts

Skilled Sales Experts

We recruit top talent and train them to be even better. Our team of sales professionals specialise in delivering exceptional customer service, and regular training ensures their knowledge of sales techniques and customer service best practise remain up to date. Our globally distributed contact centres ensure your customers receive support around the clock, promoting a consistent and positive brand experience. Every customer interaction presents an opportunity. Our Customer Acquisition service optimises these interactions to accelerate your business growth. Our service has earned the trust of global clients and reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality service. We focus on creating sales strategies that cross geographical and cultural boundaries while complying with international standards and regulations.
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Sales Acquisition and support value added service products

Value Added Service Products

The best product is one that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it, in the right way. Through our extensive direct engagements with millions of customers, Ignition has been able to identify products that solve for our customers’ needs, develop them and make them available to every one of our partners, to increase revenue and add significant value to their customers.
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Sales Acquisition and support shared revenue

Shared Revenue

When collaborating with a partner on customer acquisition or retention activities, there is an opportunity to add to the Customer Lifetime Value through our Value Added Services. This is typically done through a shared revenue model with no risk to the client.
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Sales Acquisition and support rewards programme

Rewards Programmes

From a custom branded mobile network service leveraging free minutes and data to bespoke home maintenance services, our products can be used for significant value-add through a client’s rewards platform.
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Sales Acquisition and support white labelled solutions

White-labelled Solutions

Our products can be fully white-labelled and positioned as a partner-owned value-added service. These products are run end-to-end by Ignition, including all customer service, payments collection and fulfilment.
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